Parking Fees for Platinum & Titanium Elite

Poll created by fern on Nov 8, 2019

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Maybe I am spoiled because I live in Florida, where parking has never been an issue, BUT I always feel rather baffled when I am charged $30+ for overnight parking in hotels with plenty of available parking being a Platinum member. I think that parking should be either included as a benefit or, at a minimum, a reduced rate be offered, particularly in hotels where there is an Executive Concierge or M Lounge. I feel this is sort of like Internet access. Any thoughts? I would love for Marriott representatives to chime in, should they want to!


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  • Should parking be included for Platinum & Titanium Elite as a benefit in Marriott properties?
  • Should Platinum & Titanium Elite members pay a reduced for parking fees in Marriott properties?
  • I think it is fair to pay for parking fees at Marriott properties!