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Poll created by ripley62 on Oct 31, 2019

A couple of times this year we've gotten a room where the feather free room preparation is just simply to remove bedding with feathers and not make much effort to substitute for equivalent bedding without feathers. This hasn’t been a problem at most full service hotels but at a Ritz-Carlton and most recently a St Regis it was. The pillow were fine but the comforter was replaced in the duvet with a lite cotton blanket. With RC they normally use a feather bed on the mattress most RC substitute that for a similar but feather free pad and use a feather free comforter. I’ve only stayed in two St Regis, Florence was wonderful and a very comfortable bed with fluffy comforter. The St Regis New York had one of the firmest most uncomfortable mattress I ever had in a hotel and a cotton blanket inside the duvet. Worse I think it’s only hotel room I’ve ever stayed in were there wasn’t an extra blanket in the closet. I woke up in the middle of the night with my wife using 3 pillows a comforter, I hadn’t touched the thermostat which was set at 70.. I talked to manager of rooms who said this was the normal for a feather free room but if contract the hotel ahead of arrival they could provide a non-down comforter. I was stunned the hotel didn’t have a problem with such a big degradation of the most basic aspect of a hotel room.




i did the poll to see if making the feather free preference choice was so uncommon that it wasn’t worth the hotel putting in the effort. 

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