Blackout Blinds: How Important is a Dark Room for Sleeping?

Poll created by ssindc on Aug 1, 2019

Just back from a good, productive stay in a splendid room with a killer view at a large, popular full-service Marriott in a major metropolitan center, where I'm pulling my hair out because the light is streaming into room long before I want/need to wake up each morning.  ...  So, I ask you, Marriott-Bonvoy Insider Fellow Travelers and Road Warriors: how important is it to you that your room be dark (when you want it to be dark)?  Should Marriott invest in black out blinds that work?  How close is good enough? 


Have you experienced the top-of-the-line best-in-class electronic (sometimes wall-mounted, sometimes remote) fully retractable, adjustable exterior (or recessed) black out (venetian) blinds?  Oooooooh, yeah, that's the ticket. Died and gone to heaven, blah, blah... A couple of examples:


Like all things in life, once you've seen the obvious solution to a problem, it begs the question: why don't all hotels install these?


What say you?

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  • Nothing matters more to my sleep comfort, particularly when I'm travelling well outside of my normal time zone. I'm looking for complete darkness in the room, however it's achieved.
  • Why compromise? I have seen the mountain top, nirvana, Xanadu. For me, at this point, it's either electric, adjustable, full-dark venetian blinds ... or I'm disappointed.
  • This is "one strike" issue for me. Once I stay at a hotel that puts me in a room where I can't keep the light out, I just don't go back.
  • I don't expect perfection, but I do have minimal standards. For example, in this day and age, I can't understand why hotels still have black out blinds on a single track. IF THE ONLY CHANGE THEY MADE WAS TO HAVE 4-6 INCHES OF OVERLAP WHERE THE BLINDS MEET, IT WOULD SOLVE 90 PERCENT OF THE PROBLEM!
  • Where's your sense of adventure? Personally, I consider one of the most entertaining aspects of traveling to be solving the riddle of keeping the sun out. I LOVE A GOOD CHALLENGE! I find it hugely entertaining figuring out ways to keep the blinds overlapped, moving furniture and stacking pillows against the blinds before I go to sleep. (Heck, sometimes I travel with binder clips, because that's the best, most-reliabe solution.)
  • LET THE SUN SHINE (sing it ... LET .. THE SUN SHINE IN). [OK, younger INSIDERS, you either grew up with the musical HAIR or you didn't.] It's travel. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. When the sun rises, I get up. Why travel if you're going to sleep? We'll sleep when we're dead.
  • Sunshine? Obviously you're not drinking enough! After a solid night of hanging out at the hotel bar or cleaning out the room mini-bar, I don't even bother closing the blinds.
  • Weren't you in the military? The Boy (or Girl) Scouts? Look, the solution here is obvious. Travel with eye shades. If you fly United (like some of us) you've got drawers full of them that you pass out to your family members before family vacations. They weigh nothing, they take up no room in your luggage, SO WHAT ARE YOU WHINING ABOUT? JUST DEAL WITH IT!
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