Vote for Changes-Sort by Price (Low to High) Missing from Site

Poll created by nanh on Jul 24, 2019

I am extremely disappointed that the marriott website left out the capability to sort hotel results by price (low to high or high to low) on their redesigned website. 


The filter function shown below is inadequate, since it may exclude hotels of interest and still doesn't allow the results to be sorted by pricing, in ascending or descending order, once the results are displayed.


No matter how much money a traveler has, it's always wise to save money when possible. Let's put the customer first here, instead of the corporation.


Please answer my survey to encourage @MarriottBonvoy to change this functionality.


Current Price Filter on Marriott

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  • I would like the "sort by price" added back into the website.
  • I like the current filter that only allows visitors to select a price range, but still doesn't sort by price.