So You've Earned Ambassador - What Now?

Poll created by pingreeman on Nov 30, 2018

The newest, highest tier is Platinum Premier - Ambassador with the "primary" benefit of a personal ambassador, aka, "concierge." As defined by the benefits, "Get personal assistance with your stays — anytime, anywhere."


Assuming you have made ambassador, how likely are you to use the Ambassador service over the next 12 months?

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  • I would gladly exchange "Ambassador" in a heartbeat for 100K points.
  • I've never tried calling the ambassador; I have no clue how often I will use the service.
  • I have called my ambassador - yuck! That was likely my last time.
  • I have called my ambassador - OMG! What a perk! I am going to use this every chance I get!
  • Other - please comment.