Which do you prefer, the old rewards program or the new one?

Poll created by robot. on Nov 22, 2018

Which do you prefer, the old rewards program or the new one? The more and more I read about the changes to the rewards program, I'm starting to feel ripped off. First, the Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite Program being a grandfathered status not open to anyone after December 31, 2018, is a slap in the face to anyone not near that status and new Marriott customers. Added to the fact they got rid of rollover nights and making years of elite status instead of points a determinant of lifetime status, it incentivizes people only to stay 50 nights a year and stop. Also making the elite night credits not count toward lifetime status is also a disappointment. I've heard other say this means it's going to be harder to earn Marriott status. But I've seen others say they want to forgo Marriott altogether. This is only a list of many things that make Marriott value seem a lot lower now than it did just three months ago. When comparing this to Hilton which has pretty much looked at every good benefit Marriott used to have and implemented it themselves, it begs the question if Marriott is shooting themselves in the foot on purpose. Hilton has rollover nights. It's easy to obtain free breakfast at a lower status. Diamond status at Hilton can be obtained simply by obtaining their credit card. Hilton has several points promotions throughout the year that pay out more value than Marriott. And on and on and on .... if this trend continues and Marriott doesn't correct their mistakes, I might have to sadly leave myself. I want to know if anyone else has a different opinion.

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