Are polls clogging up Insiders?

Poll created by brightlybob on Sep 16, 2018

This afternoon (GMT) I logged into Insiders to see if there were any interesting discussions and was greeted by this:



Someone had spent the last 20 minutes dredging up every poll they could find and voting on them. 


Now I'm all for excersising democracy and these polls do sometimes provide interesting results, especially polls such as my last one exploring how drunk you actually have to be to find the remains of someone else’s room service meal an irreststable dining option - and if you haven’t voted on it, then do so here Hotel Corridor remains. Do they make you hungry? and now. Then come back for the rest of this diatribe...


Hello again, and welcome back. And I trust visiting and voting on my corridor morsels poll indicates how useful polls can be, how the opportunity to vote completely confidentially provides revealing results about the transient hotel community in which we all spend so much time... But, but... well the problem here is that a vote on a poll is a qualifying activity, and all such qualifying activities bring the thread to the top of the leader board. Now commenting on a thread, even an old one can lead to some very interesting discussions reminding us of the opinions held and espoused a few years earlier, can sometimes prove very prescient, other tInes, not so much. But voting on an old poll doesn’t do that. It just adds another figure to an old set of figures. 


So why is someone voting on every poll they can find? Simple, if you’re new, or you’ve just found out about the gamification leaderboard you might decide to rack up your score, and every vote on a poll counts, no matter how old the poll, no matter how irrelevant - what on earth is the point on voting on the 2013 Plat Premier qualification poll, now, in 2018 when Plat Premier has completely changed since that time and is now the name for the 75-night level? And voting on the the 2014 Plat Premier qualification poll too? None, other than to earn insider points - and I don’t have a problem with that, Marriott decided to have them as part of the site and we will live with it, so it’s not the points-chaser I’m criticising, it’s the MRI programming that means any poll once voted upon goes straight to the top of recent activity and a points chaser can unwittingly clog up the entire board of recent activity meaning highly valid discussions, questions, blogs and guidance gets shoved into the bowels of the site, effectively stifling it. 


So I ask you all to vote on this poll. Whoever clogged this up today, I don’t criticise you, you’re playing a game Marriott has set, but the outcome of that is the clogging of the activity board. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last, heck I think all of us here have at some point chased some points to get somewhere near the top of the daily activity. The gamification is here to stay, and as long as it does this will happen again, and again, and again. But really, really should a simple vote on a poll propel it right to the top of the activity board? I say no, and ask you to vote yes in my poll. Why? Reverse psychology? Badly set question that doesn’t reflect the tenet of the rant? Well, yes to the latter, but more relevantly, this has been raised with the mods before and they advised nothing would change so your vote isn’t going to make any difference. So I thought it would be a good test of a loaded question to get the result I want.


So, your participation please -


Are polls clogging up Insiders Activity boards?


Vote now and vote YES - unless you want to admit you’ve been lobotomised, that is!

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  • Yes, I agree with every word, look at that screenshot, recent content is buried by this!
  • No, I have been lobotomised and think all the vertical green lines are preferable to recent content