From 1 - 10: How would you rate Marriott's integration performance?

Poll created by itannen on Sep 1, 2018

The purpose of this poll is to rate Marriott's integration. It is meant to be a basic scale of 1 to 10 poll. The wording is only meant to make it fun and to give a little perspective to the numbers. For example, 1 is "couldn't be worse" and 

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  • 1 - Couldn't be worse. Marriott messed up beyond repair.
  • 2 - I'm outta here. Marriott maybe can salvage this disaster, but I'm not sticking around to find out. See ya.
  • 3 - Staying but angry. I'm staying for my own reasons, but I really dislike Marriott right now.
  • 4 - Not Confident. I think Marriott made some serious errors, which are completely their fault. They lost some of my confidence.
  • 5 - They'll repair I'm sure. I think Marriott made some serious errors, which may have been their fault, but they still have my confidence.
  • 6 - Not too bad. Of course everything will get repaired, but Marriott was unprepared. Not their finest work.
  • 7 - Decent job. Any merger of this size is bound to have issues. Everyone chill out.
  • 8 - Very good work Marriott - you made some mistakes, but I'm confident they'll all get repaired really soon if they haven't already.
  • 9 - Great job Marriott - a few small hiccups, but I dont think another company could've done it better necessarily.
  • 10 - Couldn't be better. Marriott nailed this integration! 8/18 should be renamed Awesome Integration Day!