If You Were Primarily an SPG Member Originally before the Merger

Poll created by arizonatag on Aug 28, 2018

In another poll recently, a side discussion came up about whether a lot of SPG people felt disenfranchised by all the merger stuff happening, so thought a new Poll would be in order. This one will run until the end of October.

Here's a link to that other poll that sparked this new poll in case you want to comment their also. The poll will run out at the end of August:

Do You Like the New Program now that the Merger is Done? 

And here's a link to another Poll that is similar, but with a slightly different question set:

Post-Merger: Will Your Brand Preferences/Habits Change? 

Feel free to comment on any of these.


15 total votes
  • Do you now Feel more Disenfranchised by all the Changes as they benefitted Marriott Members far more heavily? (top voted)
  • I feel included. it was just a Business Decision.
  • I just glad that I have some benefits because SPG could have gone bankrupt and I may have lost all benefits.
  • I totally don't like anything about this merger...I want my SPG back. (Please comment on what you miss most)
  • Other (Describe in Comments) (top voted)