Post-Merger Glitch Impact

Poll created by pingreeman on Aug 23, 2018

This poll is to attempt to get a read on how severe the post-merger glitches were perceived or experienced by MRI members and the severity of those glitches.

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  • Glitches? What glitches – everything seemed fine to me.
  • I had some MINOR glitches such as status/points/nights issues but am patiently waiting for these to get corrected as I know the issue is widespread and being worked on by Marriott’s IT department. I was able do business as normal and able to log in, make a reservation, check in, etc. despite these minor glitches.
  • I experienced, and I consider MAJOR glitches to be anything wrong with my status/points/nights/etc. let alone doing business as normal of booking a reservation, checking in online, etc.
  • I DID HAVE MAJOR issues with business as normal – I could not complete a reservation, I could not check in, etc., i.e., business as normal was broken.
  • Other – please comment.