What do you want your Lifetime Card to be?

Poll created by itannen on Aug 22, 2018

Lifetime status in SPG has been recognized with a nice card. Lifetime status in Marriott has been recognized, at least in my case, by nothing. I mean, not even an email (very odd if you ask me). However, some have reported some level of recognition  In any event, there's a bunch of murmurs going around regarding how the new program will recognize lifetime membership. I think we can all agree that more recognition would be a good thing. Now, insofar as an LT membership card is concerned, how do you want it? That is the purpose of this poll!! Let's get into it. 

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  • Any old card will do. I don't place value on the card itself.
  • I prefer a digital card. It's more convenient.
  • Heavy metal. Because I like my cards like I like my music?
  • No card please. Who needs it anyway.
  • Other. Click here if you're really creative or just generally like to be placed in a category unto yourself.