Post-Merger: Will Your Brand Preferences/Habits Change?

Poll created by ssindc on Aug 21, 2018

Well, it's here.... The merger is for real...  And whether or not you've combined Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts, one dramatic change to our travel planning is that - when you search for a hotel on the Marriott site - you'll see seeing far more options - more than 6,700 properties (in total)!!! ... 50 percent more at many popular destinations (and more less depending upon where you're headed)...  If you haven't seen what a difference it makes, just pick a date and a popular vacation spot (Bangkok, London, New York City, Paris, Rome ...  you get the idea), and ... oh my ... there are more options.  So, now, faced with so many options ... will you rely on old habits or ... try something new?


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  • Nothing changes. I'll stick with my favorite brand(s).
  • I spend most of my hotel nights in a single location, and I've built up such a familiarity and level of comfort there, that I can't imagine switching. When I travel elsewhere, I might be willing to branch out ... or not.
  • My inclination is to continue doing what I've been doing, but I'm open to experimenting if something catches my eye.
  • I'm not LOOKING to branch out, but, realistically, I realize that I'm going to. Because I'm typically looking for the best (fill in the blank: price, location, service, design), I'm confident that more choices will lead to me try different properties.
  • I can't wait to try all of the new properties! It wouldn't surprise me if I end up spending a lot fewer nights at what used to be my favorite/go-to brands.
  • I'm already making a list of all of the high end SPG properties - Luxury Collection, St. Regis, ... even W - in some of my favorite destinations.
  • I'm a long time Marriott Insider, and, after years of hearing how much better SPG treats their loyal customers, I can't wait to experience that higher level of service. So I'll be trying something new ... soon.
  • Whichever brand gives me the [fill in the blank: ___ best free breakfast, most frequent upgrades, whatever] wins....
  • I'm a long time, loyal SPG customer, and, after years of frustration with limited choices, I can't wait to take advantage of the massive number of new Marriott properties I have access to. So I'll be trying something new ... soon.
  • I'm already making a list of all of the budget SPG properties - aloft, Four Points, Element - in some of my favorite destinations.
  • Other: don't hesitate to elaborate below!