Will You Merge Now, Later, or Wait until Marriott forces It?

Poll created by arizonatag on Aug 17, 2018

Just looking at what percentage will chose to merge immediately, wait a while, or wait for Marriott to force it. Obviously, there may be valid reasons to wait or merge early, so we will see, but thought I had better get the Poll underway before the website goes down for the August 18 Merger. The poll will only run until 1 Sep.

20 total votes
  • I will likely combine my SPG and Marriott Accounts after the August 18 Merger is completed. (top voted)
  • I need to wait until I have more points or nights so I can be upgraded to Lifetime Platinum Premier.
  • I will wait until after the new year when Marriott Forces the Merge of Accounts into a Single Account.
  • Other (please comment)