Whose Nuts Are They, Anyway?

Poll created by mr_rewardshoarder on Jun 22, 2018

It seems like the more status we earn, the more perks we expect to receive as is rightfully deserving of that status.  Take for example the Concierge Lounge (CL), a secluded refuge for the well-traveled elite filled with complementary food and drink (occasionally even alcoholic ones).  I certainly appreciate the CL as a benefit perk and always try to be considerate to the other guests and to the staff that support them.


I was recently in once such CL.  It was early afternoon and a nice selection of cookies, chips and nuts were available at the counter.  The cookies were on a large tray and included several varieties, all freshly baked.  The chips were in single portion bags on a large platter and the nuts were a salted mixture, full to the brim of a half-gallon bowl.   Another guest entered the CL, strode to the counter with determined purpose and pulled a plastic grocery bag from his pocket.  He then proceeded to empty the entire bowl of nuts into the bag and then left the CL with his *******.


How would you best describe this interpretation of 'complementary'?

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  • This member was just getting what was rightfully his. He could have come in with a large drink cooler and emptied all of the water, soda and juice out of the CL mini-fridge if he'd wanted to.
  • Members like this jeopardize the entire concept of the CL and are probably why alcohol is no longer complementary at many.
  • Some people are just opportunistic by nature. They're too few to upset the system, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  • A bag full of nuts is no big deal. The hotel has plenty more where that came from.
  • Thankfully he saved the cookies and chips for the rest of us!
  • Nuts! May he spawn no descendants save those with nut allergies!
  • He was probably just hoarding nuts in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. It's coming, you know.