Marriott/ SPG rewards credit cards

Poll created by tommy123 on May 2, 2018

Insiders, with the new credit cards launching on May 3rd,  have you thought about switching or maintaining your current credit card(s)?


I am personally considering cancelling my current reward credit cards which i got 4 years ago and apply for the Marriott rewards  premier plus cards for the signing bonus points to help to reach LTG status. What about you? are you considering specific upgrades?


Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks



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  • I will keep my existing rewards credit cards and keep the existing benefits
  • I will cancel my existing credit rewards credit cards (applied more than two years ago), and apply a new Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card
  • I will upgrade my existing credit cards to the Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card
  • I will switch to SPG Luxury Credit Card (Amex)
  • I will use other Marriott/ SPG rewards credit cards- Marriott Business, SPG Consumer , SPG Business, etc.
  • I will no long use any Marriott/ SPG rewards credit cards