Will you be spending less money at Marriott because of the Lifetime changes?

Poll created by fain on Apr 17, 2018

In the old program, I would often book a meal at a hotel, or upgrade to a bit nicer room, to get a little points bump to help me on my way to Lifetime Elite status.


If I'm reading the new program correctly, we no longer need to worry about accumulating points to achieve lifetime status; it's ALL about nights (and years) now. So ironically, I'll probably be spending LESS money at Marriott hotels in the years ahead.


And since the limiting factor is years spent with a certain status, AND without rollover nights, there's really much less incentive to book an extra night or two per year, if I'm not close to the next elite level. (e.g., less incentive to go away for an "extra" weekend stay if I'm only at 50 nights.)


Same for others who haven't yet achieved their Lifetime Elite status?

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  • I'm already Lifetime Platinum Elite!!
  • I'm NOT Lifetime Platinum, and I'll be spending LESS money.
  • I'm NOT Lifetime Platinum, and I'll be spending the same amount of money.