Gifting by the Road Warrior

Poll created by arizonatag on Mar 10, 2018

What are your Gifting practices while on-the-road Insiders? I had to include a little satire for some of our Insiders, and you know who you are...

29 total votes
  • Yes, I usually bring home a gift of some type for someone special (spouse/significant other/son/daughter/grand child). (top voted)
  • Yes, I bring home a gift but it is usually in the form of the Free Bathroom products or Free Coffee Packs from my Hotel Room.
  • Occasionally I buy something special for someones Birthday, Anniversary or other type of life event.
  • No, I refrain from gifts purchases as I travel too much and it would be too expensive.
  • No, because I'm cheap.
  • No, because I'm gift enough in their lives.