Hotel Corridor remains. Do they make you hungry?

Poll created by brightlybob on Mar 10, 2018

You know how it is.


Late night after work and extensive unwinding in the Bar, on your way back to the room you see it:



———————————————-As seen outside my room ———————————————-



Its the hotel equivalent of Dumpster Diving. Corridor Cravings.


Sooo, you realise you’re starving and that Mash looks soooo good. Mmmmmmm, will you?


Or is it ice cream? Who cares? Certainly not you, plenty of Free Exec lounge beer and then a few in the bar have accentuated your appetite and dulled your sensibilities. You bend down and run it into your room...


Come on, you've done it. You can confess confidentially here... it just looks soooo goood.


And so, to the question:


How falling-down drunk do you have to be to find the corridor leftovers irresistible?

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  • 0/10 - I take my dining tips from “Lady and the Tramp”, so this is a big step up for me, Yum!
  • 1/10 I stalk the corridors for the leftovers I crave, no booze needed
  • 2/10 If it’s on my floor and I’m peckish, but I won’t search the entire hotel
  • 3/10 Hey, it’s Free nosh, right, it’ll go well with the bottles I sneaked out the lounge in my Bra/Y-fronts
  • 4/10 It’s not really my thing, but it is tempting, there’s gotta be $5 worth there
  • 5/10 How hungry am I again?
  • 6/10 How drunk am I again?
  • 7/10 Unable to stand I’m crawling down the corridor, at least I can pretend I’ve face-planted it
  • 8/10 Even if unable to walk, if I face-planted it, I’d spit it out, unless no-one was looking
  • 9/10 No matter how drunk I was when I face-planted it - No, not ever
  • 10/10 Not even if beyond insensible drunk. I’m more likely to drink my own urine.