What are your primary ways on using reward points?

Poll created by tommy123 on Feb 10, 2018

Over the past a few year, I noticed that a lot of our insiders focused on maximizing opportunities to earn reward points, which totally makes sense, as that drives our reward tiers and many other rewarding benefits. But, how about the different ways on using the points we earned?  What are the primary ways that you spent your points on? It would be great to hear from our insiders about some of your experiences and thoughts on maximizing the value of your points as well. . Please vote below how you primarily use your points, and free free to add comments if the choices are not all inclusive.

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  • Using points for occasional hotel stays
  • Using points for planned vacation packages (Marriott air+ hotel travel packages, etc.)
  • Transferring points to airlines or other partner reward programs
  • Using points for shopping ( gift cards, Marriott online stores, and other Marriott online retail partners)
  • Redeem points for Marriott Moment events or other events sponsored by Marriott
  • Other, please add comments below