What is an appropriate response to ***** in your room upon check-in?

Poll created by mkra80 on Feb 7, 2018

I had a recent stay where I was greeted with ***** on my toilet upon checking in.  The staff was visibly shaken by the event and did not know how to respond, so I moved forward with action that got me out of the immediate risk of infectious diseases and chose to follow-up with Marriott corporate.  The response received by corporate was less than ideal as they stated it was handled the evening of the event.  The local hotel was supposed to follow-up according to corporate, stated they did, when in fact, they had not and still have not.  Regardless of my status as a Platinum member and someone who has one or more stays/week, I entrusted Marriott to do the right thing and in my opinion, they have not, so I turn to you to weigh in.  What do you feel is an appropriate response from Marriott?



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  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • 2,000 pts and a room change
  • Immediate room change, proactive follow-up by the hotel and at least enough points for a free night
  • Other