Does anyone search for ANYTHING on this site???

Poll created by o0o0o0o0o0o...points! on Jan 5, 2018

How many times has bejacob banged his head at seeing the same question, often multiple times per day.  Most recently, "Where's my points?", "Enroll me in a Gold/Platinum Challenge", "How do I enroll in a Gold/Platinum Challenge?", "Where are my rollover nights?", "What are the lifetime requirements?", etc... How many times has erc posted the simulated pic of bejacob banging his head???


Can we get a tutorial of how to search on the main page and possibly eliminate the repetitive questions before bejacob ends up in a coma from head trauma? 




... now you get to bang your head at this stupid poll...


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  • You can search on here? Who knew!