Marriott Recycling? POLL (and success stories)

Poll created by ssindc on Dec 4, 2017

Should Marriott do more about recycling? 


And, if you have a Marriott recycling experience - good or bad - no recycling OR a recycling success story, see Update 2, 2(a), below - and consider posting a comment!


[Gee, Marriott, only a small sample size (so far), but ... so far folks seem to think you can do better....]


As 2018 approaches, I'm increasingly surprised (and disappointed) that Marriott has made so little progress on recycling.  (That includes cans and bottles, newspapers, etc.)  At most properties, it appears that no efforts whatsoever is being made to separate waste.  I was at a Residence Inn this weekend, and in the breakfast area, there was a single trash receptacle for everything (and that seems par for the course).   Outside of the U.S., at some properties, there's a small blue plastic bag for your recyclable waste (but those are few and far between). [I'm assuming Marriott only does that where they are required to do so by law.] In the U.S., I've seen a couple of properties that have the two-section waste basket, but they're poorly marked.


*Update 1: In an interesting development, a couple of Insiders have already commented that Starwood/SPG doesn't seem to be as clueless about, or as uninterested in, recycling as Marriott.  So, maybe the merger will bring some movement in that regard.  Time will tell.


*** I just noticed that the link to a prior discussion of recycling on Marriott Rewards Insiders is now broken (after a prior reorganization, now it's completely gone). See Marriott Recycling ... Of course, I'm not saying that's intentional, but it is consistent with what appears to be a general lack of interest in the topic at Marriott HQ.


*Update 2: In light of a helpful response from communitymanagers, that "if we receive a report of a property that is not recycling, we want to follow up with the hotel’s management team[,]" I've created another thread where you can identify Marriott properties - based on current, personal experience - where you've seen inadequate recycling options.  Just click here:  Need Your Help: Info on Marriott Recycling  Thanks for participating.


*Update 2(a): Some of our Marriott Insiders colleagues have started posting photos of success stories - see below.  (It kind of makes sense: historically, finding a recycling container in a Marriott property was like ... I dunno ... spotting the white rhino or discovering a unicorn or (hmmm, in erc-world, figuring out the Renaissance Discovery Doors contest) or finding a free parking space in Manhattan ....  anyway, so - let's welcome both the carrot (kudos, positive reinforcement) and the stick (with notes to communitymanagers, see Update 2) .... So, yeah, go ahead and post recycling container picks and let's give those properties appropriate credit.  Maybe it'll start a trend, a groundswell, a movement....


*Update 3: see which further outlines Marriott's goals.

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  • This seems to me to be the kind of thing where Marriott could, particularly with the merger, take on a global leadership position. (Think back to how Marriott led - and got lots of attention - when it banned smoking system wide.) Marriott should make a commitment, publicize it, do research and follow up with a best-in-class recycling program and consistently promote/trumpet their progress, successes, and results.
  • Marriott should make more than a token effort. Every room should have some type of container, bag, or place for bottles and cans, and for paper.
  • Marriott could (and should) do more. (OK, Marriott should at least pretend to care about the environment and take modest steps to placate their tree-hugging guests, even if their heart isn't in it.) At a minimum, there should be a clearly identified place in each property for cans, bottles, newspapers, etc.
  • How about MARRIOTT REWARDS POINTS for recycling? What if Marriott installed recycling machines - kind of like those CoinStar machines in the grocery store - where I could enter my room number, insert bottles and cans, and get extra Marriott Rewards points as positive reinforcement for my efforts?
  • What difference would it make? We're only talking about 5,100 properties (pre-merger), and we're only talking about tens of millions of people staying in the properties each year. C'mon, how much waste are we even talking about. Who cares where those 50 million plastic water bottles consumed each year go? Why bother?
  • I don't recycle at home, so why would I want to recycle on the road!
  • I recycle at home - either because the law requires it or it saves me money or my spouse or kids nag me - but I don't want to recycle on vacation. Personally, I consider despoiling the planet one of the perks of traveling. C'mon, the best things about staying in a hotel include not making the bed, using all the towels and leaving them on the floor, and generally not having to clean up after myself!
  • Recycling? What's that?
  • Other. (Don't hesitate to explain what the poll missed.)