Newspapers Delivered to Your Door and Shower Caps

Poll created by nhtraveler on Nov 25, 2017

Hello My Fellow Insiders - I hope that you have all been enjoying a good Thanksgiving. Brenda and I are just completing a stay at the Boston Marriott - Newton and, once again, I found that no newspaper was delivered to my door as per my request on my Rewards preferences profile, and, as Brenda noted, there was no shower cap included in with the bathroom amenities.


I went down to the front desk to ask about the paper and was told that Marriott has recently changed its policy and no longer delivers newspapers to individual rooms. They didn't even have any freebies stacked up in the reception area.


So, I'm wondering if any of you have heard of that, and using this poll to determine how important (not not, as the case may be) it is to have a paper delivered in the morning, and a shower cap in with the bathroom amenities. As a Platinum Lifetime, I sort of think that the level of loyalty shown by us Insiders should be rewarded in some small way, such as by delivering a paper if requested, and, as Brenda thinks, including a plastic, one-time use shower cap in the bathroom.


While this is a somewhat serious issue, at least to me, I've tried to keep some of the responses somewhat lighthearted. As always, I look forward to all of your responses.

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  • Having a paper delivered to my door is really important to me.
  • Having a paper delivered to my door doesn't really matter to me.
  • What's a newspaper? Is that what you now read on a computer or a tablet?
  • Having a shower cap included with the bathroom amenities is important to me and/or my wife or traveling companion.
  • A shower cap isn't important to me, even though I could still use it to keep track of the hair that I"m losing.