What choice would you make with a potential new Marriwood/Starriott credit card program?

Poll created by o0o0o0o0o0o...points! on Sep 16, 2017

The new Marriwood/Starriott credit card - if you could ask for real benefits that you think actually have a shot of being incorporated into the new card program, what would they be and what would be the max annual fee you'd pay if that benefit was added?  Include any intro bonuses as well.  I'll start with a few benefits:


  • 4 Guaranteed Suite upgrades per year (with $195 fee)
  • Free category 1-7 certificate per year ($195 fee)
  • Free Ritz Club Level access (if Platinum, $195 fee)


I have others, but I'll stop to get info from the community!  Basically, comment with your design of a new Marriwood/Starriott card, add your benefits, and your annual fee!

This should be interesting...

48 total votes
  • Don't change! I like the programs as-is with a $95 annual fee (top voted)
  • I'd upgrade my current card to a "premium" card with enhanced benefits for $195 annual fee
  • I'd pay $195 for a card with Chase Marriott and SPG benefits combined
  • I'd apply for the new "premium" card with enhance benefits for $195 annual fee, even if it was the opposite card than what I have (assuming you only have either Chase Marriott or SPG Amex card only, and not the other)
  • I'd apply for the new "premium" card with enhanced benefits for $195 annual fee, if the Chase Marriott, SPG AMEX, and Ritz Rewards benefits were included (but "premium" benefits were dropped)
  • If the Chase Marriott, Ritz Rewards, and SPG AMEX card benefits were combined, I'd be willing to pay a $450-$550 annual fee
  • I'd pay a $450 annual fee if benefits were added similar to the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Citi Presitge, or AMEX Platinum ($200-$300 travel credit, or 4th/5th night free, etc)
  • I'd pay a max $450 annual fee, depending on the benefits and they were benefits not listed from another option (basically, some new industry-breaking card)
  • I'd pay a max $550 fee if the card overshadowed the Platinum AMEX (or other premium cards)
  • Just give me a $0 annual fee card with minimal benefits - I don't want an annual fee regardless!