Robes and Slippers?

Poll created by ssindc on Jul 8, 2017

Quick poll:

  • do you use the robe and/or the slippers if they're in the closet?

Use the comments to add insights:

  • do you have a favorite robe (e.g., do you prefer the conventional Marriott terry robe or the Renaissance plush robe)?
  • do you find the slippers are sometimes (always) too small?
  • do you feel compelled to take the slippers to add to your Marriott pen collection?


(Hat tip to drchucklesboomboom for raising the issue in the post: Bath Robes?)

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  • If available in my hotel room, I always use the robe AND the slippers.
  • If available, I frequently use the robe and/or the slippers.
  • If available, I always use the ROBE but NOT the slippers.
  • If available, I always use the SLIPPERS but NOT the robe.
  • Even if available, I NEVER use the robe OR the slippers.
  • Even if available, I RARELY use the robe OR the slippers.
  • I don't use either, but, if available, I always take/keep the slippers, because they don't charge for them. (For the purposes of this poll, it doesn't matter if you use them at home, give them to your kids, or simply feel compelled to take everything in the room that's "free" or "included in the room rate.")
  • It all depends on location and type of property. For example, I always use the robe and slippers when staying at beach resorts, but I rarely/never use them in urban business/conference hotels.
  • It depends upon the quality and size of the robe and the slippers. If they fit and are comfortable, I use them. If not, well....
  • I would never wear a hotel robe knowing that (most likely) someone else has worn it, and I'm not sufficiently confident about the hotel laundry. Slippers, sealed in a plastic bag, which are obviously new and disposable, well, that's another story.
  • Other (option 1): My unique robe and slipper preferences and practices cannot be summarized by such simple generalizations. Please comment/explain, below.
  • Other (option 2): I object to these types of polls, generated by hotel snobs who inefficiently overspend at full-service and luxury properties. If you people had any common sense, you'd spend your money on SpringHill Suites and other reasonably priced properties. Then you could spend all the money you save on your own robe (and stop complaining about the robe in the hotel closet that most folks don't care about anyway).