Having to Follow-Up on Points/Nights to be Posted to MR Account

Poll created by pingreeman on Dec 14, 2016

Over the years of MRI, many have posted difficulties in having the points/nights properly posted to the member's MR account. I thought it is time to get everyone's opinion on how often this happens - - on average - - for each member. Hopefully, the results of this poll will reflect that overall, the MR program is accurate and timely and that the "follow-up" required to have points/nights properly posted is on the low-end.


Please vote using your last 12 months as a basis to the percent of follow-up you had to do.

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  • 0% - I cannot remember the last time I had to follow-up to get points/nights posted.
  • 1% to 5% - I know I had to follow-up but it was rare to do so.
  • 6% to 10% - Follow-ups were required on occasion.
  • 11% to 15% - Unfortunately, follow-ups were required about every 7 to 10 stays.
  • 16% or More - Sadly, follow-up needed almost 1 of every 6 stays.