Best Private Dining Room in San Francisco?

Poll created by andrew415 on Jul 8, 2016

Our sales team is hosting a business dinner for about 12-15 clients in September in San Francisco. I am looking for a classy (but not absurdly expensive) place that has all the necessary A/V & WiFi connections... and great food of course!


What are your opinions on the best private dining rooms in the city? I've only been to a few of these places, put I'm trying to pare down this list put together by my colleagues and I. I've included links to descriptions/features of the rooms below (when available):


  1. 1300 on Fillmore
  2. Bistro Boudin
  3. Beretta
  4. Dirty Habit SF
  5. Tosca Cafe
  6. Harris' Steakhouse
  7. San Francisco Marriott Marquis (out of my price range, but a guy can dream!)


Voting will remain open until 9/15/16

5 total votes
  • 1300 On Fillmore
  • Bistro Boudin
  • Beretta
  • Dirty Habit SF
  • Tosca Cafe
  • Harris' Steakhouse
  • SF Marriott Marquis (top voted)
  • None of the Above (state choice in comments)