Discount Hotel Parking for Platinum & Gold members

Poll created by panusr on Dec 27, 2015

Marriott Platinum and Gold rewards members do not have to pay for enhanced Internet connectivity. We do pay (and I get it) resort fees for Marriott resorts/vacation propoerties. But what about the $30-40 per day parking fees (where applicable)? I think that a discount of some sort is in order for Platinum and Gold Marriott rewards members. I understand that the parking facilities are typically owned by a third party, but even a 10% discount would be nice. What say you?

25 total votes
  • I think a parking discount is appropriate
  • If Marriott does not own the parking facility, then forget the discount
  • I think Platinum/Gold members should not be charged to park (top voted)
  • Free parking for up to 3 days per stay, then full charge after that