Chicago O'Hare on Business - Marriott, Renaissance, or Other?

Poll created by jt15550 on Sep 16, 2015

I'm going to be in Chicago for work the first week of December, and yes, I know it's going to be ca-hold.  I'm from KC, which isn't much better.  Normally I compare distance to the work location and go from there, but for those that have been to both - is there a clear winner between the standard Marriott or Renaissance?  Another option would be staying downtown and taking the L each morning and afternoon, which I'm thinking might be my best option.  This isn't work that's going to start early or last into the evening.  Comments welcome.

3 total votes
  • Marriott O'Hare
  • Renassiance O'Hare
  • Stay Downtown and take the L (top voted)