Is Greed Taking Over In Flight?

Poll created by painedplatinum on Jul 2, 2015

The USAir/American merger final details for the flying public are just about completed. Soon, there will be one website, one check-in desk, one set of flight numbers, etc. The fear with this and the past mergers has been the resulting service and fare adjustments. As this industry consolidates, fees, of all wacky types have come to be common place. Capacity controls, which are akin to price fixing, are now allowed to go on unchecked.


I noticed that an investigation is now underway by the feds to see if the airlines are playing fair. I'll be more than happy to throw in my two cents. I have seen fares throughout the NE sky rocket. It's now just about impossible to get from A to B for less than $500. That figure was almost never seen before 2015.


So, how about a poll?  Have the airlines, who have a right to make a profit, been taking advantage of lax oversight to gouge the public at every turn?

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  • The Airlines Are Just Responding to Supply and Demand..No Issues Here
  • Fees Have Gotten Out Of Control, But Prices Seem Fair
  • Price Gouging Is Becoming The Norm...Greed is Now Number One
  • Other.. Explain Below