same hotel, same room?

Poll created by ramoneur on Jun 4, 2015

I recently got assigned the same room in the same hotel, as I stayed in a few days before;

I didn't ask for it, but it was a very strange experience (I have trouble coping with deja-vu experiences).


So does a Marriott-hotel intentionally try to rebook the same hotel room (number)?

Is it considered to be a service?

Can one ask for special numbers? (I like "nice" numbers like 1024, 1234, 1248, 3141, 2718, etc.)

If one would ask for it, would they charge extra?


so, regarding same or different room numbers, you:

41 total votes
  • ask for a specific (room) number, that has no relation to an earlier stay, but you just 'like' the number for whatever reason
  • ask for the specific room (number) you previously stayed in/at
  • don't ask for 'your' previous room number, and always seem to get a new room (number)
  • don't ask for 'your' previous room number, but sometimes get assigned the same room as you had once stayed in before
  • don't ask for 'your' previous room number, but mostly get assigned to a room (number) you stayed in before
  • don't ask, don't notice, don't care (top voted)
  • different (please describe/clarify)