laundry, hotel or local shop/chain

Poll created by ramoneur on May 25, 2015

When staying at a hotel, I only use the dry cleaning / laundry services for my most precious clothing item (favorite shirt, suit, etc.);

for most other items (jeans, underwear, etc.) I always use a local washing shop/chain.


I am curious to learn what choices the community makes regarding their laundry.

28 total votes
  • I always have all my laundry done at the hotel
  • I only have my favorite/expensive laundry items done at the hotel
  • Only when I don't have a choice (i.e. needing the suit/shirt/etc. the next day) I will use the hotel's laundry service (top voted)
  • I mostly use a local/nearby laundry chain/shop
  • other (explain)