Do you think the value of the Marriott rewards program has deteriorated?

Poll created by johclark29 on Nov 2, 2014

I've been a Platinum member for a long time. I've got over 1000 nights at Marriott hotels.  I just tried to schedule a vacation next year in the Caribbean and found that I couldn't use my points for any of the higher end hotels.  I tried 4 or 5 of them.  I went out six months.  It seems to me that the individual owners of the hotels make their own decisions and can decide to accept or not accept direction by corporate. They don't have to honor rates, honor rewards points, 72 hour guaranteed reservation, etc.  In past years, I always got in where I wanted to as long as I had the points.  Honestly this makes me think about shifting to another hotel chain.   Have you experienced this? 

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  • No - the value of Marriott rewards program has improved because they have better properties
  • No - I've been able to pretty much get in wherever I've wanted to with points
  • No - other (please explain)
  • Yes - the value of Marriott rewards program has deteriorated and I can't get in to desirable properties with points
  • Yes - the value of Marriott rewards program has deteriorated because points are worth less and I can't get into desirable properties
  • Yes - other (please explain)
  • Neither no nor yes (please explain)