Hotel TV Inputs Xbox/PS3

Poll created by travel4work123 on Sep 23, 2014

I am wondering who else HATES hotels that don't allow for Xbox and other hook ups to the TV. I started traveling frequently for work and have noticed that some hotels have these inputs diabled on the TV to not allow the guest access to the TV besides their PAY only Movies. I REALLY wish the Marriott would make this a priority as there more people traveling 2-3 months/year that would enjoy being able to hook up their personal items to the TV. Just seems like it takes allot of value away from a hotel and can make it come off as cheap. Just my opinion but would love to hear from the community on this subject.

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  • I would prefer to be able to hook up my personal electronic devices.
  • I don't care to hook up personal items, I like the Movie options availble.