Member Exclusive Offers: Are you interested in seeing these back on Insiders?

Poll created by communitymanagers on Sep 18, 2014

Hey Insiders!


Once the FlashPerks posts come to an end in the next two weeks, I am thinking about posting Member Exclusive Offers here on Insiders. I know the Member Exclusive Offers were something that were on Insiders previously, however, I'm looking at changing this up a bit: Every two weeks, I'll post some Member Exclusive Offers that are about to go live. Meaning that you will be the first to know about the upcoming Offer! Is this something you would be interested in seeing on Insiders?

39 total votes
  • Yes - I'm interested in being the first to know about upcoming Member Offers (top voted)
  • No - These Member Offers aren't something I am ever interested in
  • Other - Please leave a comment