Member exclusive offers/Seasonal awards/Pointsavers

Poll created by madmax on Feb 12, 2014

I just happened to see Communitymanager's post regarding Member exclusive offers. It got me to thinking about how often insiders use these offers. I have used Member exclusive offers a couple of times but have never taken advantage of a Seasonal award or Point Saver. I do not travel leisurely near as often as alot of insiders here, so quench my curiosity about how often or what you do take advantage of as a rewards member.

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  • I only look for member exclusive offers that get me extra points for staying
  • I look for hotels with reduced points to book a room (point savers)
  • I take advantage of seasonal offers more than anything
  • I never book using any special offers
  • I usually take advantage of special offers 1-5 times per year
  • I take advantage of special offers 5-10 times per year
  • I never book a room unless I can get some kind of special rewards deal
  • Are you kidding me? who cares? Please leave a comment