Newspapers are things of the past...

Poll created by scladylinks on Jan 24, 2014

I Have had local newspaper issues at the last 3 Marriottt's I have stayed In the past 6 weeks.  My preference is local and I'm always clear. Why ask and say I will get a local newspaper if they aren't going to do. Do you think if the Marriott asks the preference, they should deliver the newspaper of your choice, only give to Gold and platinum members,  do away with newspaper since everyone has a smartphone, tablet, or laptop when they travel, or just offer newspapers in the lobby!.  

17 total votes
  • Ask preference, deliver newspaper of choice to guest's room (top voted)
  • Stop offering newspapers to the guests
  • Stop asking preference and only have newspapers in the lobby
  • only give to Gold and platinum members a newspaper
  • Only have them in the Concierge Lounge
  • Have them in gift shop for purchase
  • Give everyone the same newspaper, no choice!!