Marriott Rewards: What's the Purpose???

Poll created by ssindc on Dec 16, 2013

Well, anadyr planted the seed, here (and merbsays there will be no official word forthcoming): Re: Marriott Rewards?


So - what's the purpose or goal of Marriott Rewards? - weigh in - let's hear your opinion!!!

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  • Encourage brand LOYALTY to the Marriott (and affiliated) Brand(s) - Encourage repeat business (top voted)
  • Profit protection and growth... Help institution maintain market share... Potentially generate new (or additional) business...
  • Gain competitive edge over competing brands/chains. (Yes, that's repetitious, but you get the idea: convincing a consumer to choose/prefer Marriott over another similar option each time a room is booked.)
  • Skew lucrative (otherwise objective) business traveler preferences (and gain access to lucrative business travel dollars) based upon potential personal (and subjective) gain - the subtle and oft-unstated conflict of interest.
  • Create and maintain a rationale for a highly profitable affiliated CHARGE CARD system (that generates revenue for Marriott without reducing guest capacity).
  • Everyone else is doing it - the airlines started it, but consumers now expect it, so it's an unavoidable fact of life
  • The Santa Claus effect, creating the appearance of the free lunch (or, yup, the free breakfast).... Let travelers think (or feel) they are getting something for nothing... Generating goodwill....
  • Maintain the marriages (and family ties and relationships) of oft-absentee road warriors.
  • Retirement planning ... offering frequent travelers the hope of a few nice vacations later, in their non-earning years... A general goodwill regime recognizing that baby boomers, Gen-X'ers, and millennials have failed to plan sufficiently for retirement, yet all is not lost....
  • None of the above... Explanations welcome below....