Sticker Shock!  What is the most you have paid for a hotel room?

Poll created by razorbackfan on Oct 7, 2013

We were thinking about going to an upcoming New Orleans Saints game if we could buy reasonably priced tickets on NFL Exchange (Saints tickets are sold out); however, when I checked out hotel prices, I was flabbergasted!  Not only were several hotels sold out, but the prices of those remaining were unusually high--Ritz Carlton-$549; New Orleans Marriott-$899, and Residence Inn New Orleans Downtown-$699--+ tax.  I can't find any other "special event" happening in The Big Easy that week-end.


The most I have ever paid for a hotel was $212+tax for the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans a couple of years ago.  We have stayed at hotels in Europe on points that would have been in the $400-$800 range.  I would never even consider paying that much for a room, no matter what was going on.  It wasn't too long ago that I hesitated when the rate was over $100.  Now, I just briefly hesitate when it is over $150.  But, $500+.....No way.


What is the most you paid for a hotel room for 1 night? (Just the room, not any extras.) Comments are appreciated.

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  • Under $100
  • $100-$150
  • $151-$200
  • $201-$250
  • $251-$300
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  • $401-$500
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  • $600-$699
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