Birthday Gift from Marriott Rewards

Poll created by indypharmer on Jul 3, 2013

I recently celebrated a birthday and received an email from Marriott that they had a gift for me for being a Platinum Rewards Member.  Upon clicking through the links, I received one free Elite Night.  While I certainly was not expecting this and I do appreciate it, I began to wonder, what other kinds of gifts would they consider or would you want as a Marriott Rewards member?  In rough economic terms, one Elite Night comes from either one night spent on a property (duh), I think in the neighborhood of 1 night for every $2,000 spent on the Marriott Rewards Visa card, which if you count the points multiplier is worth roughly (very roughly and depending on what city you're in for sure and how many points per dollar you get for your specific card, etc.) a night in a Category 5 or 6 Marriott Property.  So.... what would you like for your birthday?

22 total votes
  • 1 Elite Night
  • 2,000 Marriott Reward Points (or more if you'd like to comment)
  • Free night in a Category 5 Marriott property (top voted)
  • Nothing - take those resources and restore some of the old Platinum benefits
  • Other - comments please