Do you like the new Courtyard format

Poll created by eddiep on Jun 19, 2013

As a 972 night Marriott hotel user I have had my last night at a Courtyard anywhere.


Are Courtyards better than Resident Inns?  I say no.

Are they close to Full service Marriott's or Renaissance Hotels - never.


The latest I encountered was no free coffee in the Lobby. What happened to cookies and coffee for free? As a Platinum member I used to often get coupons

for a free breakfast. Nickel and dine you to death. Charge me $10 more for a free breakfast that’s what most award travelers asked for last year. USA today

had an article on why Marriott will be giving award travelers (Gold and Platinum) free breakfast on weekends. I complained to Marriott and they said "you now have coffee in your room – so make your own". The best was that at the usual site where the coffee was there was a sign –"Ask the front desk for a cup to get free coffee at the lobby new market."


I’ll use a Hilton Garden before a Courtyard.

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