Pricing a hotel stay

Poll created by anadyr on Mar 6, 2013

The internet is full of sites that purport to make finding a "five star" hotel for less than a hundred dollars!  Not necessarily. But looking at Marriott hotels specifically, how easy is it to determine the lowest price for one night or several?  Give me your opinions here:

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  • I find the pricing feature on to be very easy and I feel I get the best rate
  • I find the pricing feature on to be very easy but I am not sure that I got the best rate
  • I always assume that the pricing feature is only as good as the time I use it, and check back to see if there's a better price
  • I check the website, but call the hotel directly because I feel that the posted rates are not the best/
  • I always use a consolidator (Priceline etc) to find my hotel best rates
  • I never use the internet to check rates, I always call the hotel or the 800 number.
  • Other, please add your comments here