Which will heal faster?

Poll created by razorbackfan on Sep 23, 2012

I've always been an optomist especially when it involves my favorite football teams.  I had made reservations (at Marriotts, of course) in Miami for the National Championship and in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.  I've cancelled both reservations.


I am always very careful while riding my bicycle; however, I was WALKING my bike through a construction area (which we have had to do all summer) and fell somehow, jamming my hand into a bale of hay resulting in a broken wrist.   I am having to type with one hand since I have a splint from above my elbow to the tip of my fingers on my right arm.  I won't be back on my bike for a couple of months and due to the speed--very slow--of my typing, I probably won't be posting too much.  I will be reading all posts, so keep them coming.

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  • A broken heart
  • A broken wrist (top voted)