Fall (October) Vacation Destinations

Poll created by razorbackfan on Aug 18, 2012

I'm planning a week's vacation in the fall and would like to know where you would spend the time if you wanted to see spectacular foliage.  Two years ago, we went to Washington D.C.  It was a wonderful time to visit (cooler and no crowds), but very little color in the trees.  Last year we went to the Niagara Falls area.  We had wonderful time, but the foliage was not as pretty as I had expected (due to temperature/amount of rainfall).  I know weather conditions determine the peak time to visit and can change quickly, but we don't have a choice of when we can go.  If you live in the area or have traveled in the area during the fall, please tell me where you would go and why.  Thanks for the suggestions.

17 total votes
  • Montreal and surrounding area
  • Boston and surrounding area
  • Cruise to see fall foliage in New England/Canada
  • Drive to see fall foliage in New England (top voted)
  • Other