How do YOU USE your MR Points?

Poll created by ssindc on Dec 5, 2011

The end of the year (and planning for our family trip for next summer) got me thinking about various strategies for using points.  We've fallen into the habit of taking the boys (and, sometimes, my mother-in-law) to expensive cities and staying in top of the line hotels.  For example, it dawns on me that, for the 480,000 points we used for 2 rooms for 5 nights in the Ritz Carlton Hotel Arts in Barcelona last summer, we could have stayed for 12 nights at a Residence Inn (with free breakfast) or any number of hotels in Phoenix or San Diego or Fort Lauderdale or Orlando, etc.  And there are scores of Courtyards and Springhill Suites and Fairfield Inns all across the country that we could have stayed in for a month!!!


So, how do you burn your points?

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  • Splurge - Luxury Hotels (Category 7 & 8's, Ritz Carlton, etc.), multiple rooms
  • Stretch 'em - Budget hotels, maximize length of stay, pack 'em in
  • Middle ground - avoid the extremes (no premium, no budget) - find that sweet spot in the middle (top voted)
  • It depends - I've employed different strategies over the years
  • Give 'em away - gift cards, travel for family/friends, reducing house-guests, etc.
  • Bank 'em.... I earn so many points I can't use 'em all. I'll worry about this when I retire.
  • Purchase merchandise - flat screen TV's, kitchen appliances, golf clubs, you name it...
  • Cruises or other travel packages
  • None of the above - see below for an explanation (please leave a comment)