Is it time for an MRI reinvention?

Poll created by anadyr on Dec 4, 2011

I for one see Marriott Rewards Insiders as a bookmark for my travel and my travel experiences on the Internet.  Recently the site has become a place for a volley of somewhat trite, sometimes entertaining, but often irrelevsnt blather.  I am holding up my hand as a major offender and would gladly serve time for my crimes.


With that in mind I have a Poll (which may count as a post) to determine if I alone feel this way:

28 total votes
  • Marriott Rewards Insiders is fine the way it is, in version 3,0, with the chatter and nontravel content
  • Marriott Rewards Insiders could use a nudge to get more travel related stuff on it, but we still need nontravel posts
  • Marriott Rewards Insiders is better without nontravel-related posts and should be returned to its original purpose as a place to share travel stories and experiences (top voted)
  • I have no opinion on Marriott Rewards Insiders content
  • Other, please add a comment