Marriott Rewards Year End Review Poll

Poll created by anadyr on Nov 18, 2011

OK, no one asked, but I will start this poll anyway.  It's been a year of "challenges," with the launch of the new Insiders, the kerfuffle over rollover night account crediting, the seeming degradation in customer service and the ever popular question of suite upgrades occupying our thoughts and hearts here on Insiders.


So, here's a change to obfuscate, bloviate, or just enervate about Marriott Rewards and your relationship with it.  Think about the last twelve months and check one of the following boxes.



40 total votes
  • Compared to November 2010 Marriott Rewards is Better (top voted)
  • Compared to November 2010 Marriott Rewards is About the same
  • Compared to November 2010, Marriott Rewards is Worse
  • I was not a member in November 2010 so this is something that I can't answer.
  • Other, please leave a comment. Here.