My primary reason for choosing Marriott is:

Poll created by anadyr on Nov 1, 2011

We all stay at a lot of hotels based on the posts on Insiders these past couple years.  I wanted to see if anyone might be willing to make a force choice (that is choose only one of these options or "other" in determining why they have and continue to choose Marriott hotels for business of pleasure.  I realize that there are locations where Marriott is not present or the hotels are full when we try to book, but think about the last year or so and tell me what makes you choose Marriott over the competition.


By choosing one option you are not eliminating all the others, merely ranking the one you choose as your primary reason.

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  • Earning Marriott Rewards Points and Elite Qualifying Nights
  • Investment in, legacy with, and benefits of the Marriott loyalty program
  • Best Location
  • Best Price
  • Previous experience with Marriott
  • Other--please leave a comment