Should RI stays accrue the same as other Marriott properties?

Poll created by jkernitzki on Oct 22, 2011

As we all know, Residence Inn grants only 5 pts/dollar for stays. Is this acceptable to you?  If not, how should they improve it?

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  • It's fine as it is, I'll stay at Residence Inn regardless of the point award
  • Given the choice, I stay at other longer-term stay Marriotts if available (SH, TP)
  • Given the choice, I stay at other short-term Marriotts if available (Marriott, CY, FI)
  • Residence Inns should award 10 points per dollar like the other properites
  • Stays at Residence Inns stays (on points) should be half of any other property, equivalent to earnings
  • Other - please leave a comment