AAA Member Discount - Does EVERYONE Use it?

Poll created by ssindc on Oct 8, 2011

Curious: Do all Marriott Rewards Insiders (aficionados) take advantage of the AAA member discount?  Our experience has been that, as a general rule, one or two nights in a hotel or a single family trip on AMTRAK more than covers the annual fee, and then it's just "free money" the rest of the year. (Granted, some dates, in some cities, the AAA rate isn't available or it's not a good deal.  But, overall, it's the best discount available (if you are not (or are no longer) active duty military)).  What's your experience?

99 total votes
  • I'm a AAA member, and I think it's worth it. (top voted)
  • I'm a AAA member, but I'm not sure it's worth it.
  • I used to be a AAA member, but I gave it up (because it wasn't worth it).
  • I'm not a AAA member, and I never have been (because I don't think the discount is worth it).
  • I'm not a AAA member, and I never have been (because I did not know about the Marriott discount).
  • I'm active duty military, and my discount is almost always better.
  • What's AAA?